Juventus, ‘doping controversy’ Pogba’s replacement has already been selected… Target is Arsenal MF

Thomas Partey is emerging as a replacement for Paul Pogba, who is on the verge of parting ways with Juventus due to a positive doping test.

Italian media ‘La Repubblica’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) that “Juventus is reportedly considering recruiting Fatih. Fatih is considered a replacement player if Pogba is suspended for doping charges.” .

Pogba, who spent his youth days at Manchester United, first joined Juventus in 2012. He appeared in 178 matches and scored 34 goals. Pogba also consistently won the Scudetto while playing for Juventus, which dominated Italy’s Serie A. Manchester United offered another opportunity to Pogba, who rose to prominence after experiencing the UEFA Champions League (UCL) stage.

Pogba, who returned to Manchester United after four years, did not meet expectations. In the early days, he boasted his unique destructive power and played an active part in the midfield as the core of Manchester United, and also participated in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, leading France to victory. Nevertheless, as the years passed, I was unable to maintain my condition. He suffered from injuries frequently and was increasingly excluded from the list.바카라

In the end, Manchester United released Pogba as a free agent, and Pogba returned to Juventus last summer. However, the situation did not change much. At the beginning of the season, he suffered another injury and was sidelined for a long period of time. It wasn’t until the winter that Pogba made his debut following his return, but repeated injuries prevented him from seeing it again.

Pogba, who was often on the substitute list even after the opening game, tested positive for doping. A known drug is testosterone, a male hormone that temporarily increases exercise effectiveness. Pogba faced a crisis due to his use of banned substances. Juventus officially announced on its official website, “We would like to inform you that Pogba has received a suspension order from the National Anti-Doping Tribunal (NADO) based on the results of a doping test conducted on August 20th.”

Pogba is currently complaining of injustice. Pogba’s side claimed that he had recently been prescribed supplements in the United States at the recommendation of a friend, a doctor, and had no knowledge that they contained testosterone. However, if he fails to prove the facts, he could face a ban of up to four years under FIFA rules.

Juventus are reportedly considering terminating his contract. The British media ‘Daily Mail’ reported, “Juventus is considering parting ways with Pogba. Juventus cannot wait any longer. They are even considering terminating the contract after the end of the season.”

In this situation, Juventus is already looking for a replacement. The protagonist is Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey. Fati, who moved from Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2020, had difficulty adapting at first, but later took charge of the midfield of Arsenal, which emerged as a strong candidate for the title last season with his decent de-pressing ability and high accuracy of passing.

Partey was already attracting interest from Juventus. Last summer, a recruitment offer came and went, and the party also agreed to the transfer, but it was ultimately rejected due to differences in position. Fatih’s performance continued after the opening game before being sidelined for about six weeks due to an injury.

Juventus was embroiled in much controversy last season and finished in 7th place. He was disciplined for manipulating accounting books and corruption on the board, and his points were deducted. They are ranked 3rd in the league with 2 wins and 1 loss this season, and they want to respond quickly as they aim to rebound more than ever.

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