Coach Hwang Seon-hong “We want to win, we have to win, and we will be a winning team after 90 minutes”… A sure win against Baray is a prerequisite for ‘3 consecutive losses’

 Coach Hwang Seon-hong pledged to win the game against Bahrain.

The U-24 national soccer team led by Coach Hwang will play the first round of the group stage of the ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’ against Kuwait at Jinhua Stadium in China at 7:30 pm (local time) on the 19th.토토사이트

The Asian Games was originally a competition for players under the age of 23. However, the competition planned last year was postponed for a year due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Accordingly, the soccer age also increased from 23 to 24.

Korea won gold medals at the 2018 Jakarta Palembang and 2014 Incheon Asian Games. This is Hwang Seon-hong, who is aiming for his third consecutive championship in Hangzhou.

A decision has also been made on whether Lee Kang-in (22, Paris Saint-Germain), who should play a key role, will join. Coach Hwang expressed his feelings at the Paju National Team Training Center (NFC) before leaving the country on the 14th, saying, “I am frustrated because I have not yet been told when I will join.”

Fortunately, the worst situation of not being able to play in the group stage was avoided. PSG reported that Lee Kang-in will join China on the 21st after playing the UEFA Champions League (UCL) group stage against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Borussia Dortmund on the 20th. Accordingly, Lee Kang-in is expected to appear in the third group match against Bahrain on the 24th at the earliest.

Hwang Seon-hong entered Hangzhou, the site of the decisive battle, on the 16th. The Asian Games national team moved to Jinhua to train and are hoping for a victory against Kuwait.

Coach Hwang met with reporters before training on the 18th and said, “This is our first game and we want to win and we must win. He believes that if he maintains the mood well and has patience, he will be able to win. “He will repay you with good results, so please give us a lot of support,” he said.

The national soccer team’s match is also the first match of any sport in Korea. Director Hwang said, “It is a burden, but the status of our entire Republic of Korea also depends on it. I will do my best with the mindset of representing the players together. “I will do my best to give you good energy.”

Hangzhou boasts hot weather even though it is an evening game. On this day, the temperature was over 30 degrees at 7 o’clock when the training took place. Director Hwang said, “A lot of moisture is released. I’m also thinking about lowering my body temperature during the game. We prepared, but because the period is short, we are all in the same position. “We have to adapt to the local environment while going through the preliminaries,” he explained.

Regarding the status of the players, Coach Hwang said, “There are not many injuries. “My condition is good, and if I maintain my condition well today and tomorrow, I will be able to play a good game.”

Regarding the offensive line plan, he said, “I am thinking about various things. The game may not go our way. It may be a difficult match, but our goal will be to win thoroughly. “When the 90 minutes are over, we will ensure that Korea remains a winning team,” he said.

Regarding the first match opponent, Bahrain, “It is not detailed, but it is very linear and powerful. It can be difficult to fight with strength if you let the pace get in the way. “The key is how prepared you are for this and how you maintain composure.”

He continued, “The remaining two games are important, but the first game is the most important. “We will do our best tomorrow and what happens after that will be a problem later,” he added.

Regarding Lee Kang-in’s joining, “I hope he can play a lot of games in good condition. “It would be good if he maintains 100% condition,” he said. “Of course, we plan to check Lee Kang-in’s performance as well.” Coach Hwang said, “Lee Kang-in has the same schedule as the team. “He is scheduled to arrive at 6pm on the 21st and check his condition closely.”

Lastly, “I only have one shot out of seven, so it’s true that I have to do everything in every game. But more important than that is having composure in urgent situations. “We will also work on the psychological aspect, and we are putting the most emphasis on it.”

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