“Shock! The world of soccer has also been turned upside down”… Mourinho, the ‘vitriolic speaker’, made a ‘public apology’ to the media! Mourinho “I apologize publicly, I’m sorry” What happened?

Something shocking happened. It’s unimaginable. The world soccer landscape will be overturned.

The world’s Jose Mourinho, manager of AS Roma. He, who always spewed out ‘vitriolic language’ against the media, ended up making a ‘public apology’ to the media. ‘Tribal Football’, a website specializing in European professional soccer, saw this scene and expressed, “The world of soccer has been turned upside down.” What happened?

This season, Italian Serie A AS Roma got off to the worst start. They drew 2-2 with Salernitana in the first round and lost 1-2 to Verona in the second round. Round 3 was the key. In the clash with league rival AC Milan, they showed lethargy and fell 1-2.

Afterwards, strong criticism poured in towards coach Mourinho. Local media pushed manager Mourinho to the brink, including his lethargic performance and the signing of Romelu Lukaku, who was in decline.

After the AC Milan match, Coach Mourinho got into an argument with a reporter. It’s a familiar scene.

Monaco reporter Daniel Lo said of Mourinho: “I have learned a lot from watching Mourinho work over the past two years, but there is something I don’t understand about the game against AC Milan. I think AS Roma sit deep and take a defensive approach. “What I want to ask is, ‘When did you decide to play against AC Milan like this?’ And do you regret the result of the game against AC Milan?”

Coach Mourinho was irritated.

And Mourinho said: “I have a formula for success: don’t listen to people who don’t have the same skills as you. I think this is important. People who know more than you, who can help you think, and who are important. “Listen to what the people say,” he countered.

He added, “I feel very uncomfortable having this debate with people like you who have never actually sat on the bench, people who have never experienced this situation on the ground, and people who have never prepared for a game at this level.” .

It was a remark befitting manager Mourinho.

However, Coach Mourinho’s attitude has changed. On the 18th, he won 7-0 against Empoli in the 4th round of Serie A. It was coach Mourinho’s first win of the season. And Lukaku, who was criticized, also added one goal.소닉카지노

Coach Mourinho, who attended the official press conference after the game, publicly apologized to reporter Lo Monaco.

Coach Mourinho began his remarks by saying, “I would like to apologize to journalist Lo Monaco.”

“You have always been honest with me. You are a good journalist, doing your job. I reconsidered your question, and at the time I could not answer it. I will not hide behind doors now. “I apologize publicly. I’m sorry for that,” he said.

Reporter Lo Monaco accepted this apology. He responded via social media, “My questions are over. There are very few great directors with this level of humility. I will continue to do so.”

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